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More than ever, our kids are engaged in spiritual battle these days, whether they realize it or not. Their faith is attacked–not by obvious opposition–but by subtle questions and moral ambiguity, that can cause kids to doubt and become less outspoken about Jesus.


In this way, it has become an increasingly difficult era to share the Gospel. . . all the more reason why we, and our kids, need to be thoroughly equipped to “GO!”


Through this series, kids will see that even though they are young, God gave us a mission, to share God’s story through words and actions. In order to do this with power and conviction, God gives us the Holy Spirit, and moreover, God gives us everything we need.


When I face obstacles, God will protect my heart and mind, and when it seems like there is nothing I can do, kids will realize I can help others when I pray.


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During this time, when we are unable to come together in person, we want to equip our families to continue pouring into Zion Kids.


Below you will find something for you to do with your kid(s) all week long.  We also have virtual life groups as well with the kids.


If you are interested in your child joining our virtual life group, email us at:


THIS WEEK:  Kids will find out about The Great Commission and their role in sharing God's story because, God gave us a mission!


BIG IDEA:  God gave US a mission!


READ:  Matthew 28: 16-20 and Romans 10:14-15


WATCH:  Check out the video below! 


  • Have you ever had a time when you were sad and it seemed like Jesus was far away?

  • We all do. When we don't see Him or feel Him, we can pray and ask Him to reveal Himself to us. Jesus loves us and wants us to know that He is with us always.  


APPLY:  The mission God gives us isn't just any mission! It even has its own name. It's called, "The Great Commission." That's a pretty big word! It simply means Jesus has given us something to do. We find The Great Commission in Matthew 28.


The mission was first given to Jesus' disciples, but it was meant for every follower of Jesus forever, so it's a mission for you and me, too! Our mission is to tell others about Jesus. Many churches do missions work in different countries around the world.


The purpose of those missions is to share about Jesus to people who haven't heard about Jesus yet. But church missions are just one of the ways we can show Jesus' love to our community and the world. We can carry out God's mission right at home, too!


Sometime, telling people about Jesus might look like caring for them and showing them kindness. Or, it might look like noticing a need around us and being a big helper to people who need it. Can you thinking of some missions for Jesus you can do?


NEXT WEEK:  Kids will find out about the special helper God sent at Pentecost to help the disciples (and us!) with God's mission. 


Use this guide below to help lead your kids dig a little deeper with the lesson from this week. In this guide you will find some great questions to help guide the conversation.  


There is even a fun activity you can do as a family as well.  We hope with this you are able to grow your relationship with your kids and their relationship with God.

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Jesus lived His life on mission. God has a specific mission for me. I can choose to accept that mission and live the most exciting and fulfilling life possible. In God's will is where I am safe.




We believe that learning and memorizing God’s word is one of the most important things to teach our kids. Watch the video below and memorize the memory verse song for May.

Matthew 5:16

Let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in Heaven.


Hey, Zion Kids,

What do you think happens when we don't carry out God's mission?


Take out your bible and read Romans 10:14-15


These verses are saying that if we ignore God's mission, it affects a whole chain of events! If we don't "go", people won't hear about Jesus. Because they haven't heard, they won't believe. And because they don't believe, they don't know that Jesus is the answer! Those are a lot of things that get affected by our ONE decision!


Read verse 15 again. Before we can "go", someone needs to send us. And who sends us on this mission, again? God! When we choose to follow Jesus, we are sent by God to go out and tell the world all about who Jesus is and what Jesus can do in our schools, our families, our neighborhoods, around the world- Wherever we go! Take some time after singing songs above to ask God "How can I show others your love? What mission do you want me to join You in?"


Jesus is God so he could easily fulfill the mission on his own but that’s not what he wanted. His plan was always to involve us in the mission. He came for awhile and walked among us. He did that because he knew he had to die for our sins.


But, then the plan was for him to go back to heaven. Don’t worry! He’ll be back again to take us there. But, in the meantime, he wants us to share about him to our friends and family. He wants us to point others to him.

• Bonus Questions: Why does Jesus want to use us? Who has taught you about Jesus? Why is obedience an important part of a relationship with God?

Remember.... God gave US a mission


Who is excited for WACKY WORSHIP WEDNESDAY?  Let’s get your wiggles out and praise Jesus! Check out the YouTube page above for three of our favorite Sunday morning worship songs.  



Teach your parents the songs! 


Share a picture of your kids worshiping on our Zion Church At Home facebook page!

Have you ever felt like you don't know what to share with others? Like you're just trying to figure everything out for yourself. Our thoughts can be as up and down as a roller coaster sometimes. But in the middle of it all, God is good and does want us to share our faith with others.


In His Word, He gives us the the "tools" or the "recipe" or the "directions" for how to navigate what's going on inside. He teaches us to put on our armor for this mission.


That's how to victoriously overcome the enemy and keep our heart and mind able to partner up with Him! With the armor of God, God's Word and a renewed mind we can accomplish the mission successfully. 


ACTIVITY: Personal Map


God gave us a mission! He wants us to tell people about Jesus in far away places and in places nearby! Use a brown bag or brown construction paper to make your own map of the places you are going to spread the news about Jesus. Be creative, use lots of items around your house to make your map extra special! For example: marker, paint, cotton balls, sticks, small rocks, glitter, Popsicle sticks, toothpicks, etc. 

Share your comments or picture of your project on our Facebook post:


In today’s lesson, we’re learning about a a special mission Jesus gave to his disciples and to us. It’s called the Great Commission. Right before Jesus left to go back to heaven, he called his disciples together and he told them about this special mission.


This mission had three parts to it. The first part was to go and make disciples. A disciple just means a follower of Jesus. So, Jesus told the disciples to go and tell other people about him. Remember, Jesus was leaving so he was putting the responsibility on the disciples to share about who Jesus was and what he came to do.


The second part was to baptize. When people put their trust in Jesus, they should be baptized. It’s a way to tell the world that they now belong to Jesus.


The third things was to teach the people to obey God’s commands. The Bible is full of God’s commands that tell everyone how to live to honor God. Every follower of Jesus has this as their mission. That means you and me! So, tell your friends about Jesus and fulfill the mission Jesus has given you.

PARENTS:  Ask your kids the questions and engage in discussion and prayer. 

Because sometimes you and your kid need deeper conversation that isn't just,

"So . . . how was church online today?"  

*Why does Jesus want to use us?

*Who has taught you about Jesus?

*Why is obedience an important part of a relationship with God?

Enjoy your 7 Step Bible Study Activity!
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Hey Zion family! Here are a few options to keep your kids active today and throughout the weekend.

Invite friends to watch online on Sunday or any day this week and share this page with your friends!

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