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All of our Connect Groups are meeting in person. 
WOW parties are in person and are also available to join via zoom.
If you are interested in joining a group, text "Tell me more about Connect Groups!"
to 760-224-5075
Can't come in person?
Join us via zoom!

We are excited to launch our new groups in person and online.


If you are already in a connect group, you will be sent a link by your group leader or you can reach out to them directly.


If you are looking for a group, email us at and we'll contact you with info.

We can't wait to connect with you. All are welcome!





Step 1 - Sign Up for Zoom (it's free and easy)

Step 2 - Choose a group to join!

Text 760-224-5075: Tell me more about Connect Groups

Or email and tell us you're interested in finding out more.

Step 3 - Come to the location in person or click the link and enter the password your group leader sends to join the group at it's start time!

Zion Women

Zion Women

(Women of Worth) 


Held monthly on Saturday afternoons.

Check the events calendar for dates.

400 Sycamore Street, Bland, MO  65014

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Sunday at 11:30 AM 

On the first Sunday of each month meet for a great time with lunch and an opportunity to learn the heart of Zion and find your purpose.

Learn and make great friends.

Contact us for more information.


Coming in 2023 @ Zion Church

The God Questions: Exploring Life's Great Questions About 

God [Hal Seed, Dan Grider] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. How do I know that God is real? Is the Bible really the Word of God, or is it just an ancient book? Why are Christians so exclusive? Is there really only one way to heaven? All of these are tough questions and we'll dive into them

all, one by one.

Got questions? Join us.

Join a Group now and experience community!
At Zion, we believe life is better when we do it side by side!


One of the best ways to do this is by coming to your Connect Group.

Connect Groups are available for men, women, young adults or youth of different age groups and interests.
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